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Introduction –‘Dowry’ a single word but contains lots of emotions ,fear and the most dangerous thing violence against women .Dowry is a kind of gifts or some necessary things given with bride from her family during marriages to start the newlywed to set their home . It is a kind of blessing from the bride’s family .Normally dowry contains furniture , some jewelry , utensils , and some amount of cash . Dowry have two phase ,if dowry is in the form of gift then we can say it is blessing or security for girl , but if dowry in the form of pressure or any other kind of force then it became curse for girl . Origin of dowry - We have holy writ which talks about the women’ s power , her affection , and the respect toward women .If we go back in ancient Hindu period we see that the most powerful god is only the female goddess for e.g ,goddess of knowledge is Sarswati ,goddess of wealth is Laxmi , goddess of energy and power is Parvati instead the male god Brahma , Vishnu , and shiva…show more content…
Say a example of Assam and Kerala , in Kerala the dowry system is more prominent among them as compared to Assam ‘s people , because the high value of gold (Kutty , 2013 ) . I personally think Dowry is socially constructed term , which can be controlled by people but they didn’t want to control it . Due to dowry only the marriage is now no longer as emotional or happiness deal rather it became the business deal .All the basic values like affection , love , sympathy now only in books . All feelings buried in front of DOWRY . Due to dowry system in India there is rejection of girls ,these is the basic reason why the maximum rural areas family didn’t want girl child , because they are already poor and the burden of dowry they didn’t afford that , due to this reason female infanticide is common in India . Dowry system is not only common in rural but also common in urban

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