Essay On Drag Racing

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Do people like horsepower? Do civilians prefer to have their car going fast? Many people who like their cars going fast don’t really know everything they need to know to get their car to go fast which would be the aerodynamics or “the way air moves around things” drag racing cars are built so they don’t have a lot of drag and they can dart down the track . Drag is a force that acts parallel and is the same direction on airflow drag impacts on how the automobile passes through the air. It’s kind of ironic how they don’t want drag on the car, but it’s drag racing. The term drag racing might have came from people saying “Drag your car out of the garage and race me”. Aerodynamics and body styles have improved drag racing since it first appeared.
Henry Ford introduced the first automobile and he built an automobile on an assembly line with his less expensive car. From that people started making different types of cars, drag racing cars. People's love for competition took over and they started racing, just not legally. Fans of drag racing made rules and regulations and soon it became National Hot Rod Association as we know it today or NHRA. C.J. Hart opened the first official drag strip in 1950 which was when drag racing became legal. In 1959 the first drag strip
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The two large tires in the back help keep the race car on the ground and try to make sure that the car goes in a straight line and the skinny tires in the front give less rotating mass. There are many reasons people should improve their aerodynamics in cars, the biggest reason is fuel economy. All-fit automotive says “Drag places additional strain on your engine and causes you to burn more fuel, but aerodynamic improvements will reduce drag by enabling your vehicle to navigate against the airflow with less resistance. As a result, your gas mileage improves and you save money at the
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