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Drama Kid

I am one of many drama kids. Us as drama kids are a close family and we stick up for each other. If people need help with liness or rehearsing the drama family helps make sure they are doing their best. It feels like you lose a part of you when drama kids quit or graduate because that is your family away from home. We are a little family but we are mighty.

Ms. Nelski is the best person to teach drama because she is the very definition of drama. She gives us pep talks that just lift up our spirits if we are having a bad day. She gives us great ideas and she loves everyone of us. She doesn’t have to do any of this stuff but she does it because she knows that no matter what we will stick right by her side. She is the glue of drama
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I think who really made me understand that I should not give up was Ms. Nelski because wrote me a letter that really made me cry. Ms. Nelski was not the only one who inspired me was my cousin Celeste because she encouraged me to do drama. You really grow to appreciate those who encourage because those are the people who are there for you for the rest of your life.
It feels good to know that you have just put on a show for those who love you and those who support you. The stage is where you put on a different personality. No matter how you feel about what other people think of you because you are your own person. I keep asking myself how did I end up here because if you told me three years ago I would be in drama I would say that you are crazy and you obviously don’t know me.

I am telling you know you will not find a better family than drama family. All of those in drama help and encourage you no matter if they hardly know. If you try to become friends with anyone in drama you probably will become the best of friends. Just keep in mind you can do anything you put your mind to. So search for those who will encourage you but stay with the right people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to even help others. Give helpful tips, acting ideas,ect. So I am going to keep pressing forward in
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