The Importance Of Dramatic Play In Children

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1. INTRODUCTION A play where children create and act the roles are defined as dramatic play. It is when they play or act the roles out of reality and become someone or anything that different from themselves. Children that are growing up like to play dramatic play and roles and pretend be someone else like superheroes, doctor or anything that they like and dramatize the situations and also will did the action to play along with the roles that they played. At first they will imitate one or two actions but as time passing they will expand their roles by creating several actions relevant to the role they are playing. Also these types of games can be underestimated by some people but remains an important part of the learning process of development …show more content…

Some experts agree that dramatic play is an integral part of a well rounded preschool program as it is healthy for early childhood development. Benefits of children play is children teaches self regulation. This is a great stepping stone for learning to self regulate their emotions. Some interesting things happen when children assign and accept roles in dramatic play they are motivated to stick to them, thinking of them as rules to follow. Their own rules. this helps them develop the ability to coordinate and plan with others as well as control their impulses. Next, dramatic play encourages language development. Children nowadays are motivated to communicate their wishes to their peers and must learn to speak on behalf of their roles. Dramatic roles play also support literacy which is provides perfect play for children to increase comprehension as children love to act out their favorite dramatic role plays. Then, its also to relieve emotional tension because its offer safe place for children to act out real life situations. Its also helps children to overcome traumatic experiences which is always when children in situation frightening experiences they play role as the powerful

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