Description Of My Dream African Vacation Essay

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Ten dream African Vacations for your bucket list
Each Part of Africa offers something different
Are you planning your next African vacations and wondering about the best picks to make it memorable for the lifetime? With multiple options and each part of Africa offering something unique and different, it gets hard to fit in everything within limited time period. Africa is one of the biggest continents with the beautiful Sahara and Atlas mountain range up in the north to the extensive South African coastline offering the wonderful Savannahs of Masai Mara, rivers, safaris, deserts and so much more.
Well, here, we present the choicest selection of the best places for your dream African vacations-
Namibia Safari vacations: Gloriously beautiful, Namibia offers the scenic
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You can see hundreds of beautiful flamingos, pelicans, and other seabirds as well as migrant waders.

Okavango Delta Adventure
To add the ultimate touch of adventure to your African safari vacations, one of the best places that shouldn't be missed is the Okavango Delta Adventure. It is one of the Africa's largest oasis, that spreads over the large part of the northern Botswana.
This is the biggest inland delta in the world and one of the last pristine wild places left on earth. The Okavango delta is covered by the Okavango River that flows from the Angolan Highlands through Namibia and into Botswana; The the Delta has two main outlets - the Boteti River to Makgadikgadi in the east and one to Lake Ngami in the west. Exploring the Okavango Delta is the absolute highlight of the African travel in Botswana and Zambia. To let the travelers experience the best African Vacations, Okavango Delta adventure fuses the excitement and fun in just the right proportions.
Highlights of the Okavango Delta Adventure
Experience the amazing safari vacations with wildlife roar adventure that can be heard in still night while sitting beside the

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