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What is dream analysis? What is the meaning of your dream and how does it correlate to your everyday life? Was Freud’s dream analysis correct in any way? Firstly, let 's define what a dream is. A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person 's mind during sleep. Now that we have defined what a dream is, how do we analysis it. Well Sigmund Freud used a method called “Psychoanalysis”, a method in which Freud had his patients lie down while he sat out of sight taking notes and offering interpretations. This type of therapy emphasized the use of free association of dream interpretation, resistances, and transference to uncover unconscious conflicts. Freud believed that dreams disguise consciously unacceptable feelings and forbidden desires in dream form (Rock, 2004). Freud developed these techniques to uncover the unconscious roots of neurosis and other mental anomalies, but the question I posed was did any of his findings hold any validity. From a lot of Freud 's writings, Freud believed that a lot of mental issues…show more content…
In conclusion, dream analysis is a very ambiguous topic to me. I have always had dreams where if I dreamt it it will sooner or later come true. Some of my dreams would occur in a week, some would occur two years down the road. I am very interested in interpreting what my dreams meant on a more detailed level than just looking up what it might mean on Google or something. I never thought much of my dreams in any way, I just thought it was my mind just running wild but this topic has gotten me interested on how my and other 's brains work while sleeping. Over all dreaming is a very illusive thought to comprehend, but one I hope science figures out in due time. References: Journal: Dreaming. (n.d.). Retrieved May 02, 2017, from Linden, S. V. (2011, July 25). The Science Behind Dreaming. Retrieved May 02, 2017, from
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