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A dream interpreter cannot easily give clear answers to someone they do not know. The best person to truly understand your dreams is yourself, and to do so, you must make lots of connections. Sometimes the dream interpreter?s response to your curiosity of your dream symbol might have vagueness in it, thus it wouldn?t fill you with the confidence of having a certain response, although; dreams have many different possible causes. Your dreams refer to issues or moods which you felt yesterday, have been feeling for a long while, or issues from the past. But dreams touch on those issues as part of your current thinking. According to Freud, dreams are a way to look into our soul, to unlock our unconscious. Our unconscious holds childhood wishes…show more content…
When you dream of masks it infers that you are not pleased in your skin, or that there is something making you stop from showing others who you really are. It can also denotes temporary trouble, as you conduct towards some dear one will be misinterpreted, and your endeavors to aid that one will be misunderstood, but you will be profit by the temporary estrangements. To see others masking, denotes that they aren?t being honest with you about things the say, and that you will combat falsehood and envy.
If you dream of wearing a gas mask, you will experience a situation that involves betrayal and gossip against you, perhaps from someone you counted as a friend. The good news is, you will emerge victorious from this incident.

The glasses in the dream indicates that the dreamer directs his attention more what happens outside, instead of turning the look inwards. Glasses can also stand for preconceived opinions and beliefs. It is a symbol for the possibility to consider little bit more exactly a new sight, perspective and more transparency.
Broken glasses must not necessarily symbolize bad luck. Rather, it means that you must overcome a barrier or to accept a constraint to solve a problem.
If you are wearing eyeglasses in your dreams it is a symbol of moderation, balance, and virtue. If you?ve lost your eyeglasses, you are going to be aware of lies being told in your life, and some unsolved mysteries may be coming your
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