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“Maldives” the dream vacation destination of world tourists,
Maldives is a beautiful country which is united by beautiful islands, there are approximately 1192 islands which are habitant and inhabitant, famous for its natural beauty, white sandy beaches, and clear and clean sea water, one of the best diving point in the world, they have twenty four famous dive points, In this island collection around 127 resorts are operating, most of them are managed by worlds best hotel chains,
As a country with small islands they have less land and more water around, This impact a lot to the country as they don’t have land to cultivate, Some domestic cultivations are done but not enough to supply the whole countries need and to cater hospitality industry, Most of the food items are exported in a timely manner, Maldives sea is rich from various type of sea foods, Lot of crustaceans are available and that
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While staying in an island guest can be bored, to break that hotels provide different kind of sightseeing trips for additional cost,
Resorts offer various cuisines, Maldives is famous for fresh sea foods, Many kind of fish and crustaceans are available on any given time, most of the resorts have different types of food and beverage outlets, can be ethnic, franchised or themed, They have different types of dinner and lunch set ups, other than Ala carte and in room dining, In house buffet, outdoor buffet, Beach BBQ, candle light dinner in water submerged table, Cruises serves meals while sailing, Guest who stays in resorts can book meals at cruises for extra cost,
Other than that Maldives sea is with luxury cruises, which they provide many food and beverage options, Luxury cruises offer packages to be only at the cruise with accommodation, food and beverages, most of the packages are all inclusive packages, Four seasons, princes cruises are famous in Maldives cruise business,
Maldives is a place where lot of foreigners takes their weddings, so Maldives is an event

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