Essay On Dred Scott V. Sandford

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Another incident involving slavery that contributed greatly on the conflict between the north and the southern states was the DRED SCOTT DECISION. The Dred Scott decision is described by ( as “A landmark decision by the United States supreme court, in which the court ruled that African Americans, whether enslaved or not, could not be first class American citizens and therefore had no right to sue in Federal court and that the Federal governments had no power to regulate slavery. Dred Scott was an African American slave, taken by his master from the slave state of Missouri to the free state of Illinois and then the free state of Wisconsin. The master was moved back to Missouri, the slave state and he took Scott with him and later on the master died. The question at hand was should he be set free?…show more content…
Dred Scott to them was a property belonging to his owner, and he could not be taken away from his owner without due process of the law.
These did not seat well with the North as they believed Dred Scott should have been left free. A young lawyer took quite an interest in the case, the very same lawyer we later saw becoming the United States of America President, his name was Abraham Lincoln.
Politically, the Northern and Southern states fell apart again slavery and the slave trade as the main player in causing this division. In the early 1800s, a higher percentage of the Northerners belonged to the Whig party, while most of the Southerners were Democrats. By the 1850’s and beyond, the Whig party was no more and a new party, the Republican Party emerged and most of the Northerners now became
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