Essay On Dress Code Sexism

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When people hear the term “dress code sexism”, they usually don't think of it as a problem— they don't think there is a problem; however, dress code sexism does in fact exist. This problem, unlike other problems, doesn't have awareness to the public. For example, people know that breast cancer, eating disorders, and being suicidal are problems, and that’s the difference with dress code sexism and other problems. People are already aware of those kinds of problems, and people don't even think that there is a thing as dress code sexism, but it's in activists and feminists who take on this issue and bring light to the problem and offer a solution. The solution to the sexism that exists in dress codes is not just to change into having uniforms or just take out the dress code system completely. Dress codes themselves aren't the problem. The problem is the mindset that…show more content…
It can solve the problem because the solution offered is essentially the antithesis of how dress codes are now. The mindset and the way dress codes target girls show negative side effects. For example, when telling a girl that her body is distracting, it tells her that her body is only seen through a sexual perspective and she needs to hide that by showing very little skin, otherwise she won’t be entitled to respect. Since she only sees her body through a man’s wants and desires, she won’t be able to see her body through any other way and is basically disowning her body and voice. This thought process that was sparked by telling a girl that her body is distracting is called self-objectification (Collins.) Self-objectification has been connected depression and eating disorders. When something clearly is not right, like the side effects of the term “distraction”, turn

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