Essay On Drinking And Driving

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Drinking and Driving is when a person drinks any amount of alcohol, and they decide to drive a vehicle. A common misconception is that you can only get drunk if you drink a bunch of drinks when in reality you can get drunk from drinking only one drink. Being under the influence applies to anyone that has a blood alcohol level of .08% for civilian drivers, and .04% for commercial drivers. These are only limits for people 21 years of age and up. If you are caught drinking and driving under 21 you will be charged regardless of your Blood alcohol level.Your alcohol level is classified as your blood alcohol content or BAC for short. It is identified in a percent with .00% being no alcohol, and .08% the legal limit if you are of age. Drinking and Drivings impact on you is humongous. Not only are you putting yourself at a great risk, and increasing your chance of death, but also your increasing the risk that you are going to hurt or kill another person.…show more content…
Imagine you get into a car accident, and lose your life how do you think your friends will feel. The answer is terrible. Nobody ever wants to lose a friend especially to something as dumb as drinking and driving.Drinking and driving will also have an effect on your family. Imagine you get caught by your parents, and get grounded that will instantly make your parents question their parenting. What if your little brother sees you drinking and thinks that it is the cool thing to do. What if you die as a result of drinking and driving, and your parents have to bare the pain of putting you in the ground.In conclusion, a person should never drink and driving, and doing so will get you in a large amount of trouble with law enforcement, and can lead to your death or another 's death. One thing a person could do if they saw a person about to drink and drive is to stand up, and make sure they don’t drive or even ask if they can drive
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