Essay On Driverless Cars

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Technology nowadays is only getting smarter and better as the years go by; driverless cars are a big success for people that have been trying to make this happen for years. Even though driverless cars exist now and have been being tested on, many companies have not worked out all the bugs on them so driverless cars are yet to be released until companies can ensure the safety of the owners of the car and the other drivers on the road. Driverless cars could possibly lessen traffic and also lessen deaths and car accidents that happen around the world. Self driving cars were always a talk of the future and the future is now. What are driverless cars? A self driving car is a automated vehicle that is designed to travel between destinations without…show more content…
are due to car crashes and car malfunctions, many companies believe that these self driving cars could reduce accidents because these cars are computers and they navigate the best and fastest route possible avoiding traffic and making sure the flow on the freeway keeps going. Without the need for a human driver, cars could become mini moving rooms and create more space since there is no need for everyone to face forward. Travelers could sleep overnight or the duration of the trip without having to worry about a thing. People would no longer feel the fatigue from driving, plus arguments over directions would be a thing of the past. Speed limits could be increased and make travel time less due to how much more safe it is with self driving cars. These cars could be life changing to people who have difficulties driving, such as disabled people and the elderly, there would be no need for a drivers license or driving tests. Self driving cars could also lead to less car theft because these cars are aware of their surroundings, there are many advantages self driving cars could bring to the world and this is just the
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