Should Driving Age Be Raised To Twenty-One?

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Driving Age: should it be raised to twenty-one?

It is very well said, speed thrills but it really kills. This is really applicable to all the young boys and girls who do not care about the countless risks associated with speed. Should/should not driving age be raised to twenty-one has long been a topic of discussion. There are a lot of youngsters who believe that driving should not be restricted to a specific age. For them, anybody can drive when he learns to drive. For most of the adolescents driving is a source of fun, thrill and never ending enjoyment. In many countries like Russia the driving age has raised to 21. Many people die every day in road accidents and majority of them are of teen-agers. Reckless driving and over speeding are two major causes of road accidents. Those who start driving without taking driving classes especially under the age of twenty-one usually cause as well as face a lot of trouble. Many researchers are of the view that driving age should be raised to twenty-one because before reaching the very age drivers usually overestimate their capabilities, they do reckless driving to impress their
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Youngsters on the other hand believe that taking-driving classes is a futile activity. They think that why they pay heavy amounts to driving schools when they know each and everything about handling their vehicles. They are of view that they are living in the age of computer and it is unwise of their elders to consider them as irresponsible or unwise beings. Whatever teenagers believe but it is true that one should not come to road without passing driving classes. Driving test not only helps children to teach them about the rules of driving but also teach them about traffic rules and regulations. Driving test should be made a must especially for all those who are under 21 because it is the age when children do not understand the consequences of reckless
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