Driving At A Young Age Essay

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To start off with, there is a huge debate on whether teens should drive at a young age. Teens shouldn 't drive at a young age because, “teens are the least likely to wear a seatbelt, and are more likely to crash, they have no emotional appeal to the reality of driving under the influence” . Teens still drive after consuming alcohol while driving. “In 2010, mostly all crashes caused by teen drivers injured 282,000 youngsters and killed for driving at a young age”. “ distraction ” is one of the main causes of wrecks. Most teens like to look around and explore the nature. They are immature and don 't fully develop right. The number that teens end up doing while driving is text. Texting while driving a huge major problem for students that drive. Teens get easily distracted by a text message and decide to text back. Clearly it takes your eye off the street and it could lead yourself in death or major injury.…show more content…
Phones will always be the issue of driving. teens always have the habit of texting all the time. They won 't last without their phones. It will always affect people from driving because of the new technology these days. More advance too concentrated with their phones. It is a truly biased, “in fact that drivers put himself in danger of driving and texting is to be stopped because it is unnecessary. “ It is 6 times more likely to cause an accident than intoxicated” . More likely to be more dangerous than alcohol and drugs. “The biggest death rate in the U.S. car wrecks” . The biggest issue with laws that is even more fear or penalty of breaking the law.The hook is why teens should drive at a young age. Without the license could be an issue in today 's. Society many students are facing many consequences without a license. It can lead to many serious crashes and can even injure a teenager
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