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Drone Wars An aerial vehicle with no human pilot; a robot not controlled by man. Drones sound like a good idea at first, but there is more to them than not risking as many lives. Bill Clinton first introduced armed drones to kill Osama bin Laden and Obama continued the idea afterwards (Zenko 1-5). While drones are mostly used for surveillance and strike operations for the government, civilians also use them to survey natural disasters, construct 3-D models, and more, but civilian use is not where the controversy is (Zenko 1-5). The argument is over if drones should be used in the military, mostly for air strikes. Even though fewer American lives are put at risk, drones should not be used in war because they have technological problems and are turning United States allies against us.
I A. Drones are not immune to the outside world. As proven by Todd Humphreys, drones are able
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Along with the remorse drone pilots are feeling, they often are put under much stress and it takes its toll on the pilots. Stress is put on drone pilots who are thinking “all right, I’ve got my war face on, and I’m going to the fight, and then driving out of the gate and stopping at Walmart to pick up a carton of milk” (T. 18). The pilots are having a hard time going to work and killing targets and then going home to their families because of the difference in situations. This puts stress on them and the work being classified only adds to it (T. 18). American lives are still put at risk when drone pilots go to their work every day and coming home with the guilt and stress of their work. The use of drones in the military have caused many problems and is a big ethical issue. Yet civilian use of drones are not as big of and could even help people in the future. While military drones cause danger other drones used for things such as surveying natural disasters looking for survivors and other things may not be a bad thing. Maybe drones would be put to better use when used for other

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