Essay On Drug Addiction In Egypt

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Drug addiction is a tremendous problem that has been increasing among teenagers and adults. Drug addiction is a brain disease in which the addict becomes dependent on chemical substance that change the functional effects of the brain. Drug addiction can trap many people. Egypt has become on of the most countries that has high percentage of youth addicted to drugs. The youth are experimenting the drugs at early age and some sociologist claim that parents sometimes are bad examples which influence the children to abuse drugs. Drug abuse in Egypt has become one of the most noticeable issue that is raising in a horrible way. Drug addiction in Egypt has several causes such as social factors and psychological causes, as well as it has…show more content…
Firstly addiction disturbs the health as it affects mainly the brain, which is the center of all biological process and vital activities. When someone begins to abuse any drug substances, the brain begins to produce less dopamine; which is a neurotransmitter that regulates movement, motivation, emotions and feeling of pleasure. people become addicted to substances and can not even stop using them even if they require. Not only drug abuse affect the brain, but also affect the nervous system leading to many complications. Drug addiction can lead to natural inclination; as for many teens, their brains drive them to do risky behaviors that may hurt them and put them in troubles. for teens, who are socially awkward, the use of drugs can provide them an entry way into the social world ‘(berger,2010). Another effect that is from the complications of addiction is the social consequences that is resulted. Adolescents or anyone who abuse drugs in general, often do poorly academically, act out most of the time, become nervous and lead to violence most of the time and lose the sense of emotions and empathy toward the others. Actually, addiction break up relationships of friends and family members. A drug user usually becomes antisocial. Not only do drugs cause a person to go away from their friends and family, but also make them to withdraw from their
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