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Why Drug Decriminalization Won’t Work in the U.S.

In 2001, Portugal took a gamble against the ongoing war on drugs by decriminalizing all drugs. This does not mean drugs aren’t illegal anymore, the consequences of being found in possession of drugs are reduced, except large amounts of drug trafficking. People who are found with smaller or personal amounts of drugs are subject to being sent to a Portuguese Commission for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction. Here, the three-person commission determines if the individual is addicted to the focused substance. If so, the commission can refer person for voluntary treatment for drug rehab, and/or assess a minor fine. Majority of the time, the individual usually does not receive a fine or a sentence.
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All the addicts that don’t want to try and fix their ways will just take up the program’s time and money if they don’t invest in getting their own lives back on track. We are currently struggling to provide healthcare to the lower class of the country, who cannot afford it. So what gives us the audacity to give drug users that opportunity? I am not saying all drug users don’t want to be clean, but it would be difficult and more consuming to pick out those who want a way out of addiction. Both sides of the program, the people and the government, must cooperate together to have positive results. It is similar to welfare checks, how some states require drugs tests to make sure the people who are receiving financial government aid are actually using the money to bring themselves back into society.
In conclusion, I don’t side with the United States passing a drug decriminalization act. Our nation has other problems to focus on. Even if we do decriminalize drugs, there would be more problems than Portugal’s. It all starts with our citizens. Issues such as police brutality, terrorism, and dissatisfaction with the government attention. I don’t believe we are having issues with a lot of incarcerations related to drugs, so there is no need to stop enforcing drug

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