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Drug addiction is a perennial, global scourge. To many, it is the direct result of the social inequalities plaguing the world, forcing many to seek “refuge” in a corner of the mind. Drugs help enhance the feeling of detachment from reality, allowing the user to escape from reality. Whether this is true or not, or whatever the real reason behind one’s drug addiction is, one fact remains: the drug addict is a victim. This leaves it to those around him to help him out of his predicament. Normally, the drug addict will be taken to a drug rehabilitation center, but in reality this is not always a possibility. Rehab can often be both restrictive and costly, and while there is a relatively high success rate, it is not accessible to all. Fortunately,…show more content…
From these things alone, it is already obvious that a countermeasure is needed. For many people, that countermeasure is the admission into a drug rehabilitation facility. But is this really a must? How Drugs Affect The Brain Before we can answer that question, it is important to know a few more things about why drug users act the way they do. Essentially, drugs affect us by tapping into our brains’ communication centers. In a healthy human, neurons can seamlessly pass on needed information from one to another, creating a network of rapidly responding components. In a drug-riddled brain, these neurons function in weird ways. For example, heroin and marijuana can fool these neurons into activating, causing the weird sensations associated with these drugs. This is because the substances in these drugs mimic neurotransmitters — the chemicals used to transmit a message from one neuron to another. But because they don’t work the same way as actual transmitters do, these drugs can cause abnormal signals to be sent. Cocaine and meth, on the other hand, flood the brain with a deluge of natural neurotransmitters. This causes the mind to be disrupted, because of the intensity of messages

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