Essay On Drug Testing In Schools

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School is a safe place for kids to be or it is until drugs infest the school and the people in it. There is an easy way to stop the drugs from entering into kids lives. Drug testing may seem like a waste of time and money, but it’s not. Drug testing in schools helps to stop the drugs influence over kids everywhere. Drug testing helps kids stop long and short term effects along with teaching kids that drugs aren’t worth it, and helping to see who need help and who doesn’t. Drug testing should be allowed in schools. First of all drug testing helps to stop the long and short term effects of drugs. The article entitled “Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Testing in Schools” explains that doing drugs at a young age can affect your brain and not in a good way. Drug tests help kids determine who is doing drugs and needs help. Being recognized as doing drugs can help stop the effects especially if you are just starting. The later you stop doing drugs the more…show more content…
Amy Norton explains that drug tests aren’t that accurate and they don’t pick up every drug. Some kids may even stop doing one drug and move onto a different one that the tests aren’t testing for which would cause drug tests to be a waste of money and of people in that profession. Some drug tests only pick up the heavy users which most people can tell who is heavily using drugs by looking at them. Making them a waste of resources. Some tests may even pick up ADHD medicine. In a study about kids fearing drug tests, kids whose school does random drug tests were not less likely to experiment with drugs. While some of this may be true, if you get a certified lab to do the test it is very accurate. A certified lab may even test the urine twice to make sure that it is truly positive and not just an error on there part. Federal guidelines even make sure that a certified lab is truly accurate. Drug tests are accurate if you have a certified
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