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I believe that leading means both leading by example and having the ability to help others become their best. In this case, it is music and marching band. A good leader in band should have the ability to keep their peers focused on becoming better marchers and musicians. I think that leading means to give someone a positive example (their attitude towards something, how they handle criticism, how they behave, etc.). A good Drum Major should not tell people how they need to act, but show them how they need to act. This will in turn help them refine their skills and become as talented as they can be. Without a good example to look up to, people will see that their leader isn’t committed, so they don’t need to be committed either. In band, every…show more content…
I know that memorizing your sets and playing a song is somewhat easy, but spending so much time with the same people can be exhausting. A large chunk of summer is filled with band, and we work a lot, but we become really close with the people we got to march with, and it is a great experience. I think a Drum Major gets to see all of this from a perspective that almost no other student gets to see it from. For the fall of 2017, I have no major plans. For the summer of 2017, am planning on visiting my great grandmother for a week or two, but that is flexible. I am also looking into seeing a concert of one of my favorite artists, Hans Zimmer. It is in Nashville on the 16th of July. If I was chosen for Drum Major, the first thing I would be interested in addressing in the band program would be people’s commitment to practicing. I am in sax quartet, and one of our members frequently skips practice unannounced. With three of our members being in Drum Major Trials, we can only practice on Wednesdays, and that person not being there makes it very hard to practice, since they have the lead part on multiple songs, and have an important part even when they do not have the melody. I am also in jazz band,
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