Essay On Dual Language Immersion

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Frank Smith, a famous author from the Cold War era, stated, “one language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way” (Smith 110). Several school districts across the nation have implemented dual language immersion programs in their elementary schools. With a fast-growing immigrant rate in the United States, being multilingual has become extremely useful to many U.S. citizens. Dual language immersion programs should be implemented into every elementary school curriculum because children in these programs acquire a second language, which helps them develop useful skills, become more aware of cultures around the world, and, contrary to the opposition’s claim, it does help students learn better in school. Dual language immersion programs are very beneficial for elementary school students because learning a second language helps young children develop a greater capacity to listen. Listening is a skill that is needed throughout life. When students have a greater capacity to…show more content…
This is not the case, “we actually saw language immersion students’ reading levels show 10% more growth than their peers in the traditional classrooms. Students in the immersion program also scored 20% higher on grade level math standards” (Jensen). Mr. Howard validates this claim by saying that in “kindergarten, first grade, and the beginning of second grade there is a drop in english and math scores, but it is usually made up by the end of second grade and during third grade. Their scores are above average by this time” (Howard). Although they see a drop in students’ scores at first, it does not last for long, and they are above average by the time they get a hold of the language and the
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