Essay On Dual Life Value

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The ethical framework that correlates most indefinitely within my life style is Dual Life Value. One of the main reasons that this ethical ideology fits so well with my beliefs, is because of its heavy belief of equality. Nobody's life is more significant than mine, and is no less significant than mine. We all deserve respect, understanding and dignity with the importance of our lives. This goes for my beliefs and views of prisoners and juvenile delinquents. It is also one of the most important factors, in my opinion, of someone being able to perform their duties in a career in the Criminal Justice field to the best of their abilities. Dual life value teaches us, that amongst the values and morals of our world, human life is by far one of…show more content…
While there are parts of Formalism that I do respect, such as the Practical Imperative that states that people should "act in a way that your treat humanity, yourself or another, always the same; as an end and never simply as a means", I cannot find correlation with some of the main points that it states. I do not believe that actions should always be taken because they are a "universal law". In many situations, I believe that there are many aggressive and mitigating circumstances to our lives and the decisions that we make. Telling your partner that they look fat in their new dress or telling your son that his drawing he made for you is horrible, would not be constructive nor would it be realistic in creating healthy relationships, just because you believe that lying is always wrong. One of my takeaways from Formalism, is that the punishment should always be the same, in all circumstances in the criminal justice world. I do not believe this to be accurate as all crimes are different. I do not agree with tough on crime laws such as Measure 11 or Three Strikes Law, which would indicate that regardless of the situations at hand, someone could be charged for a crime regardless of the circumstances
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