Persuasive Essay On Dubai Immigration

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Dubai Visa FAQ Dubai is a vibrant and the most-visited city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In just a few decades, it has grown by leaps and bounds and is standing to the head and shoulder levels of the world’s developed countries. With a mammoth stock of attractions for both business and pleasure travelers, it is a perfect holiday destination for all age groups. If visiting Dubai soon is in your wish list, go through these frequently asked questions for securing Dubai tourist visa. Is it compulsory to obtain a Dubai visa? UAE has a draconian visa rules. However, exemptions are offered to some countries with which the UAE has a business and cordial relationships. For example, there is no need to obtain a visa for citizens of GCC (Gulf…show more content…
If you are not a citizen of the GCC country or the EU member, the visa procedures may become stressful to you. You need to have ample time and money to go through the procedures on your own. If you don’t want to spoil your vacation mood even before it starts, simply book a Dubai holiday package with Only Dubai Visa and rest assured for a hassle-free entry to the UAE. What are the advantages of applying for a Dubai visa through Only Dubai Visa? By approaching Dubai Visa for the permission to visit UAE, you will have experts at your service. Our visa consultants will you with their valuable experience in handling visa formalities. They have the knack to identify your purpose of Dubai visit and guide you accordingly. You can rely on us for securing visa in time, being informed about the latest changes in the Dubai visa rule, and visa delivery on time. When to apply for a visa? Usually a visa for Dubai takes two day to one week, excluding public holidays. Though you can apply for the visa a few days before, it is recommended to apply for a visa at least a month in advance. Applying and obtaining the visa well before the scheduled visit is always better to concentrate on other

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