Essay On Dumbest Generation

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Dumbest generation articles are about how people below their thirties and younger do not show their intelligence, act like they do not want to learn anything anymore. These articles talk about what social media and the internet, in general, is doing to us, and yes, that is somewhat true. Not all act that way, but most do. In all honesty, I do it in a few classes. Today’s generation, almost, if not, most students, teens are on their phones, more than they should be. Whether that is texting, on social media, playing games, watching videos, etc. That is the main distraction for the students. The cartoon picture Shelved by Roz Chast. The drawing is a male sitting on the couch, a laptop resting on his lap, and he has earbuds in. Behind him, there are about five to six shelves filled with books, who have angry faces on. Looks like they do. I am assuming that means they want him to stop being online, to pick up a book and read it. That’s actually happening right now. People hardly pick up a book nowadays, everyone’s glued to their phones and into what everyone is doing. It’s something not important. Your brain on video games by Steve Johnson. I disagree with “Why games might be good for the mind.” I don’t believe video games are good…show more content…
IF we all stopped using our phones, we would learn so much, we wouldn’t miss what the teachers lesson for the day, and our work would be done on time, and pass our exams. That could all happen, but it’s us who really can put the phones away and want to learn, do the work, want to walk to the library, pick out a few books and read, show just how intelligent and clever we can really be with our work, with our test scores, everything, and
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