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In my recent research and study of dwarfism, I have realized that there is a need for awareness about the condition, as dwarfism can be very difficult to live with, mentally and physically. As dwarfism is genetic, scientists have yet to find the dwarfism causing gene to eliminate, but living in a world where experts are trying to rid people of a condition as if it’s a mistake, this can be very troubling and discouraging to people with dwarfism. We as a society have fixed ideas of what people of this condition can be and what they can do, and this shows through our treatment and portrayal of them. People live with dwarfism for their entire lives, and cannot change themselves or their condition, but we can change. We should be working harder to create a world where anyone of any height feels welcome and supported, and less like an outsider and an object. No one deserves to be labeled by their condition. The beginnings of dwarfism has not been clear as it has existed before a written history. “Images of dwarves are among the oldest artifacts extant . They are depicted in ancient stone and clay funerary sculpture in Egypt, India, China, and the Mayan civilizations; they are highlighted in the legends and myths of every nation” (Adelson, n. d.). Dwarfism is a genetic or medical condition that results in an individual reaching an adult height of under 4 feet 10 inches. There…show more content…
“Some forms of dwarfism are evident at birth or during infancy and can be diagnosed through x-rays and a physical exam” (Web MD, n. d.). It is usually the result of a genetic mutation. Symptoms will usually depend on the kind of dwarfism, but general signs can include short stature (most obvious) disproportionate limbs, delay in motor skills development, and deformities. Later signs will also include delayed puberty and late or no sexual development during teen years. As mentioned earlier, dwarfism can affect anyone of any age or

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