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Most of us believe that our family is normal but with life experience we recognize that there is something unusual about our family life and upbringing. We all desire to have a healthy family but unfortunately we realize that many families are not happy. “Many families may seem normal at first glance. Scratch the surface, however, and some surprising relationships are exposed.” (The Scrivener 2006)
In my opinion dysfunctional family is one in which parents are unable to fulfill their children’s psychological, emotional and physical needs. This causes the children to suffer from low self esteem and affect every aspect of their lives from jobs to financial stability to marriages. These families involve parents who endeavor authoritarian control and rigidly adhere to particular religious or cultural belief and compliance with them is not expected it is demanded and child is rejected by physical neglect and lack of love and affection, failure to spend time with child and respect their feelings. Possessive parents exploit their children by treating them as their possession and do not encourage them to become independent.
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According to the patient, her mother is a doctor and do not spend much time at home. She lived with her step father since childhood; she has never seen her real father as her parents got divorced when she was 1 year old. Her step father always tried to send her to orphanage house. She also has a step sister who is always loved by her parents due to which she has homicidal ideation for her sister. At the age of fourteen her step father sexually abused her. This further complicated the already worse situation. She was neglected and was said to be the cause of problems in her house. She attempted suicide from fifth floor at the age of twenty. She developed aggression and unacceptable socializing behaviors with male

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