My Dyslexia In My Life

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Having dyslexia creates many challenges for me. I can't read very quickly, I can't simply skim through a passage, and being fluent in two languages doesn't make dyslexia any easier. Yet, ironically, I truly enjoy reading. I am a slow reader, but this way I can take in and appreciate all the details and emphasize a writer puts in his or her work. When I was a little girl, I would get stuck on most words and become incredibly frustrated with reading. Eventually, my teachers also grew frustrated with my dyslexia and in the end my reading teacher gave me headphone and a tape to read along with the books given to me. Because of this I actually ended up loving books even though they were being read to me by a machine. I felt in my own little private…show more content…
1984 is a dystopian novel about a world where people are controlled by the government, forced to oblige, and carry the same ideas. Those who do not cooperate are “vaporized.” The main character, Winston smith, is a grown man born before the Big Brother take over, which is the main man watching everything and everyone intense and thoroughly. Winston knew a world where he still had a family and society wasn't isolated and created to hate those outside of their bubble. Winston remembered seeing airplanes and little detail that didn't make sense and couldn't be connected to the type of world he lived in now because all historical dates, books, and people have been changed or erased over time to further isolate people and keep them closed minded. Big Brothers dictatorship made people think that this type of change is good and there should only be one type of person to hate, the ones part of The Brotherhood. In the back of Winstons head he knew that there was something completely wrong with the way things worked in the world around him, but since being a different individual is frowned upon he could not let it show. His rebellious thoughts and ideas turn into words and from words rose actions. Through out the novel Orwell’s understandings about totalitarianism and democratic socialism are shown. Although novels and books are great, I love short stories as well. At the moment my favorite one is “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
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