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THE POWER OF LITERATURE Society and its many flaws. One would come to think that society eventually could fix them all, and of course it is easy to believe, for society tries constantly to fix itself, even if it conflicts within. Dystopian writing, for example. Dystopian writing has been a form of writing that teenagers today tend to take enjoyment in. However, some people have other thoughts upon it, such as Michael Solana, who had written "STOP WRITING DYSTOPIAN SCI-FI--IT'S MAKING US ALL FEAR TECHNOLOGY", which explains how dystopian writing is making people today fear the future more than ever, claiming that the fear created is fear for technology such as artificial intelligence. However, there are people who have other thoughts on the topic of dystopian writing. Elissa Nadworny, for example, wrote "Why Teens Find The End Of The World So Appealing", which explains how dystopian …show more content…

Such may include how it affects teenagers. Dystopian writing tends to break many ethical rules, serving as a fantasy for teenagers to stroll around in, noticing how many ethical rules are actually being broken. ""It's a question of how many ethics rules are you willing to break", she says… "I mean, is making a clone ethical?"" (Why Teens Find the End Of the World So Appealing, Nadworny Pg1). In short, this explains how the story House of The Scorpion by Nancy Farmer breaks the ethical rule of making clones, and seeing how it isn't very ethical to do so, it breaks a boundary that people could see being placed if such were possible. This leads teenagers to leave the boundaries of what could be the current world and in the end explore and get involved in a world outside the current one they live in. Naturally, this could help if their world happens to have problems going on, letting the teenager escape such things into something designed to lead you to another world, however troubled the world may

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