Essay On Dystopian Society

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What is the difference between a dystopian society to our society? How about the similarities between the two societies? There are definitely many discernible unorthodoxness in a dystopian society versus the “real world” like the fact, that a dystopian society is more grotesque, to the point that it’s boring. On the other hand, there are plenty enough similarities like, how both societies strive for better, a utopia. In other words, dystopia compared to society, more specifically dystopian society, education systems, rules/laws, and family between our society’s education systems, rules/laws, and family, is substantially different, but there are some associations that could be made.

To start off, education in our society is both distinct
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The dystopian world also has a school to go to at the first place but, there is only one school in the entire community and even the world. To add to the last sentence our modern, mundane, and “real” society has a plethora of…show more content…
An example would be in The Giver on page 8, paragraph 6 the novel states,
“Two children—one male, one female—to each family unit.” The reason why this excerpt from The Giver shows the difference between the families from the “real world” and dystopia is because there is no limit of children in a family (excluding china). The family in the dystopian novel is also called a family unit while in our world we call our family simply family or even loved ones, friends, our family can be also our friends, colleagues. Something that is same between both societies are that these families are made up of none DNA related kids and the parents of those families are monogamous and only stay with his or her spouse till death. In contradiction to the last sentence there are non monogamous parents, divorce, and biological kids in our society so that makes a
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