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Abstract : Many factors determine the success of an e-commerce business like the location of launch, products, customer trust and satisfaction, good customer retention etc. Although a plethora of research has determined that there is no one particular way that ensures whether an e-commerce business will be a success or not. The purpose of this study is to understand the Indian market for a particular type of product, understand the demand and scope of the product in a niche segment. Also to elucidate the concepts of customer loyalty and various aspects of customer satisfaction and customer trust. Keywords : e-commerce, customer loyalty, product demand, location. Introduction Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services over the…show more content…
Little has been known about the market sentiment towards e-commerce in developing countries (Moodley and Morris, 2004). Although the opportunity to expand and grow gauging the market sentiment are infinite. On the same lines guaging the current market sentiment in India in which the growth of ecommerce was slow due to initial market inhibitions, it is now growing at an unpredecent pace. According to the report, the number of internet users in urban India has grown by 29% from October 2013 to reach 177 million in October 2014. It is expected to reach 190 million by December 2014 and 216 million by June 2015. Significantly, compared to last year, in rural India, Internet users have increased by 39% to reach 101 million in October 2014. It is expected to reach 112 million by December 2014 and 138 million by June 2015. As on June 2014, 31.5 million (61%) in 35 cities were using Internet on a daily basis. The daily user base has gone up by 51% from June 2013. 96% of the Internet users are accessing Internet at least once a week. Out of these, 18% access Internet 4 to 6 times a week and 14% access Internet 2 to 3
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