Anti Smoking Speech

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Smoking is a habit that is destructive for the health. There are many types of cigarettes to choose from but all are bad for the health. Smoking is harmful for a person's education and achievements at school. Yet, do teens still smoke? Is smoking still a problem? Sadly, it is a major problem that is at the danger of getting worse with the introduction of e-cigarettes.. Although scientists haven't had the time to study the health risks from e-smoking they are sure they are not as harmless as what e-cigarette adds want us to believe. Smoking is actually illegal for those who are younger then 18 since this can lead to health problems early in life. Since smoking carries more disadvantages than advantages I believe that smoking should be avoided…show more content…
Almost all cigars contain nicotine which is addictive. "Nicotine, the main chemical in tobacco, is highly addictive; it is just as addictive as heroin or cocaine." Smoking does not only affect the smoker but those who are living near him or decide to sit with him. "Smoking does not just affect the person smoking. Second-hand smokers are also at risk. On average, second-hand smoke causes 3,400 deaths from lung cancer; 46,000 deaths from heart disease." It is also known that smoking causes early death. "Cigarette use causes premature death. On average, smokers die 14 years earlier than non-smokers." It is also important to know that cigarettes contain many poisonous ingredients and chemicals. "Cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals and 2,000 poisons – including toxins found in nail polish remover, rat poisoning, battery acid, and rocket fuel." To add, smoking at a young age has a frightening consequence. "Underage smoking (under age 18) is not only unhealthy, it is illegal. If caught, you will pay a heavy fine." In addition teen smokers can fall into addiction almost by accident. "One in three adolescents who are "just experimenting "end up being addicted by the time they are 20 years old." So smoking is very heavy with disadvantages, won't you
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