Essay On Ear Infection In Babies

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Ear Infection in Babies Symptoms
The easiest way to tell if there is ear infection in babies (or any other illness) is by observing a change in his mood.
If the baby starts crying more than usual, then be on the lookout for any problem. If he also develops a fever (slight or high), you have a bigger clue. Ear infections also follows a common cold or even a sinus infection, so keep that in mind also.
You might also notice the below indicated symptoms:
• Your baby pulls, or tugs at his ears. This might be an indication that he's in pain. (Babies pull on their ears for several reasons, so if the baby appears to be otherwise fine, he probably doesn't have an ear infection.)
• Diarrhea. The bug which leads to the ear infection may also affect gastrointestinal
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These are usually brought about by bacterial or even viral agents.
When the child experiences a cold, allergy or even the flu, swelling of nasal passages, eustachian tubes a well as the throat prepares the scene for bacteria to gain access to middle ear and lead to an infection.
Earache or Ear Infection
Deciphering whether an ear ache is an infection or not might be very hard for a parent, especially those having young children and cannot express what they are experiencing. If there is doubt about whether you are having an infection or not, always ensure that you seek a doctor's advice. Meanwhile, there are some things that you can do so as to assess the situation.
In general, teething is largely associated with very mild symptoms. This is true for earaches that are associated with teething. The ear discomfort does not worsen when it is due to teething.
If there is a lot of pain having extreme fussiness or if there is discharge that is coming from the ear, it is time to visit a doctor. A child having an ear infection also has increased pain when lying down. The baby can refuse to lie down and the previously easy-sleeping baby can fuss while
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