Early Detection Saves Life Essay

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Understand that early detection saves life.
As we all know that how rapidly increasing the incidence of cancer and side by side morbidity and mortality due to cancer, despite a lot of advancement in diagnosis and its treatment. Presently, cancer is second leading cause of death after cardiac disease. The only way to save life from cancer, is early detection and early treatment.
The answers to following simple questions “Why is early diagnosis important? Or How early diagnosis can improve survival?” has been statistically proved after intense medical researches and trials.
It is very important to remember that the term “5 year survival or 10 year survival” are often used by doctors, doesn't mean the patient’s life is only limited to 5 years
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Gall bladder cancer:
The rates below are based on the stage of the cancer at the time of diagnosis(published in the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual in 2010). Incidence of gall bladder cancer is steadily rising even approaching 20% in Ganga belt region. Below table showing how much fetal
Stage Relative 5-Year Survival Rate
0 80%
I 50%
II 28%
IVA 4%
IVB 2%
Cervix cancer:
In women, cervical cancer is second most common worldwide, next only to breast cancer. In India, cervical cancer is the most common cancer especially among rural based female. One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India. Following below the most recent statistics available for survival by the current staging system.
Stage Relative 5-Year survival Rate
0 93%
IA 93%
IB 80%
IIA 63%
IIB 58%
IIIA 35%
IIIB 32%
IVA 16%
IVB 15%
Why are some cancers diagnosed late?
As we all know that late diagnosis ant late initiation of treatment lead to more chance of morbidity and mortality. In UK, around 25% of cancers are diagnosed through emergency admission to hospital and most of them have lower chances of survival compared to other patients. There are multiple reasons behind history of the late diagnosis for
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