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Early Memories I would like for you to take a look at your early memories. Think back to when you were very young as early as you can remember, “think about something that happened one time.” What part stands out to you? What was the most vivid part of your early memory? If you played the whole memory as a movie and stopped it at one frame, what would be happening? Putting your self in that moment, what are you feeling? What is your reaction? An early memory that stands out to me, is when I was around age of six, my mother, grandmother and myself were in a car wreck. A concrete truck rear ended our vehicle the weekend of the Easter; my mother driving and my grandmother in the passenger seat, while I was in the back seat. The wreck was sudden…show more content…
What part do you take in the memory? Are you an observer or a participant? In this memory, I am the participant, as I was the person experiencing the accident. 2. Who else is in the memory? What position do others take in relation to yourself? Others in this memory with me are my mother and grandmother. My mother and grandmother were my primary caretakers and authority figures in my life. In this memory, I see them as weak and vulnerable and not in their normal caregiver roles. 3. What are the dominant themes and overall patterns of the memories? The dominant themes and overall patterns of the memories are fear and concern for me and others. From the time of the accident, to being in the ambulance and after being released from the hospital, I was still concerned about my mother and grandmother, and I was concerned that we wouldn’t be able to have Easter, because of my mother and grandmother’s condition and also knowing that mine and my brother’s Easter baskets were destroyed during the car wreck. 4. What feelings are expressed in the memories? Feelings expressed in this memory are worry, fear, sadness and anger. As identified above I was worried about my grandmother and mother, I was in fear of them being dead or seriously injured. I was sad at the thought of not having Easter or not seeing my family again. I also felt anger toward the driver of the truck who had hit us and done this too

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