Essay On Early School Transition

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arting school and moving into a new class is a process that millions of children and parents worldwide have to deal with every year. This is a very emotional experience for parents, family and child as anxiety runs through them as this day approaches. Many children see this as en exciting time in their lives starting school, especially if they have transitioned from nursery. They see this time as being all grown up and taking on new responsibilities, being independent as they are encouraged to dress themselves and to prepare for school every morning. Although some children struggle with this transition, they find school life very daunting, where surroundings are not the same, expectations and procedures different and faces as yet unfamiliar. It’s a longer day than they are use to and making new friends can be very intimidating for a child who is shy or who has not been to a nursery setting before. The practionier or child minder in the…show more content…
For many parents, it can be an anxious and emotional time. Many will have had no experience of education since they were at school themselves. They may be unclear about what happens in an early years setting or what to expect in terms of the environment and curriculum. With such uncertainty themselves some parents will have little basis on which to help prepare their child for this important transition. For children it is often the first time they may have been away from their home environment and is the first step towards independence. Research points to the fact that, just like adults, children find transition and change stressful and that this stress can have a significant impact upon their emotional well being and academic achievements. The EYFS materials identify key points for early years settings which help to ensure that children who are settling in to a new environment do
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