Essay On Pros And Cons Of Earthquake

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The Pros and Cons of funding volcano and earthquake consist of many varying factors. The Pros are that you can be warned ahead of time and you can get to safety but that doesn 't mean you can prevent these things from happening. But only with the right supplies, you can be protected from these horrible hazards and you can protect yourself and your family you can also get supplies that way you are prepared for when these things happen. The Cons are that everytime there is a volcano it will be your money collected in tax that pay for our new equipment. Of course the money will be going to a good project but what if the government realizes that the taxes wouldn’t be enough. Then what, then they decide it is alright to tax you extra to pay for equipment that you may not need in your area. These are the cons of funding for volcano and earthquake research. In May 8,1902 about 30,000 people died November 13,1985 around 21,800 people died in October 24,1902 and 6,000 people died in 1909 and 5,500 people died in May 1919 and 5,000 people died in 1919 the same amount of people died as did in 1919 on January 15,1951 3,000 people died on…show more content…
Taking down these natural disasters can help save billions of lives. A volcano eruption can go as far as 101,700 feet or even further a earthquake can go as far as 780 miles away. A earthquake an have different levels of how strong the earthquake is 3-3.9 is Minor 4-4.9 is Light 5-5.9 is Moderate 6-6.9 is Strong 7-7.9 is Major and 8 or more is Great. Without the new ways of tracking down earthquakes then we couldn 't have known if how strong an earthquake can be and how serious we need to be when we find out when and where it is going to hit. The same thing goes with volcanoes with being able to tell how strong it 's going to be that is money well spent even though how expensive it
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