The Earth's Process Has Changed Population Of Organisms Essay

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Earth’s Process Changed Population of Organism
Do you think the Earth’s process has changed population of organisms in many ways?
Well, scientist say Earth’s process over time has changed organisms and the amount of those organisms that exist. This has been caused by many things such as Pangea, landforms and natural disasters. The things that cause changes in population also can create new organisms and cause extinction to others. All in all, Earth’s process has cause changes in organisms population. The DNA of the organisms can change and be negative to that species. They could have deletion where you lose strands of your DNA. Also, insertion where you receive over time new DNA strands that you shouldn’t have. Finally, inversion is when
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Evolution can be the cause of extinction. Tis can be by overpopulation which is when we have a very powerful group kill out an organism. Also, less land for a species can cause the rate of deaths to be greater than the births. Then, if the new species is to strong it can mess up the entire food chain. This proves that evolution may cause new species but, it isn’t always good. Natural selection is also a factor in the changing of organisms population. Natural selection cause overpopulation where we have to many species in one area. Then, there is variation which is the difference between individuals. Last is competition which occurs when resources are limited. Natural selection can cause an organism to go extinct because if a “green beetle are easier for birds to spot” during the next offspring less green beetle will be produced. The continental drift greatly impact the population of organisms. It can impact the temperature and that will cause organisms to change to adapt to the temperature. It will also impact the fossil layers which can show changes in organisms populations. Finally scientist have said it is easier to find out about water species in sediments on land “than species that lived on land.” The continental can cause adaption which over time can create new knowledge and species of

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