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While watching Christmas cantata we are so happy that we want to hold Easter cantata at the town of Berhampur. When Pastor Kim Soo-Yeon told us to held Easter cantata we are very happy and want to do it in a grand and perfect way. With a zealous heart, we started directly after getting the date from church. Though in Berhampur we have very few members of the church, we had a confident heart that with our connection we can get a better place for cantata. We had approached a local church to use their land for Easter cantata, they agreed to provide the land free of cost and asked for a rescheduling of the date. When Baptist church members listen to this, they directly started to obstruct us by saying that 'they are from Good news Church, we should not allow them the land to hold cantata'. Among them other members argued for us that it is a church activity, why it should not be allowed. We were not sure that they will allow us the land or not and all of us were very disturbed in our heart. We went to get administrative permission from different government offices, at that time we came to know the matter of the said land is in the high court as two rival churches claim for the land and the permission use the land is rejected. And in…show more content…
Pastor Kim delivered the message of Easter to the public which was hugely appreciated specially by the Chairman of the city administrative council. Looking at all these things happening our despair converted into joy. Though We could not prepare a single thing properly, but could clearly see the will and promise of God could not be broken. During the preparation of Easter cantata while we faced lot of difficulties gave up our hopes many times but God held our hearts with his word and his servant. And ultimately we saw the work of god, a hope is established in our hearts that God is going to do more wonderful and beautiful things in our

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