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There were numerous battles fought in the Eastern Theatre. These battles were named as campaigns such as Manassas Campaign, Jackson Valley Campaign, Peninsula Campaign, Northern Virginia Campaign, Maryland Campaign, Battle of Chancellorsville, Gettysburg Campaign, Bristoe Campaign, Bermuda Hundred Campaign, Overland Campaign, Richmond–Petersburg Campaign, Valley Campaigns of 1864 and Appomattox Campaign.

The armies of the Confederates and the Union fought all these battles in the Eastern Theatre. The historians contemplated that the Eastern Theatre was more impactful than the Western Theatre. The Army of the Confederates was led by Robert E. Lee who surrendered in 1865 at the Appomattox Courthouse. The Eastern Theatre was bounded by Atlantic
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The Commander of the confederates’ was General P.G.T. Beauregard and Joseph E. Johnston was appointed as the commander of the Union Army. The Hoke’s Run, Blackburn’s Ford and First Bull Run were the battles that were fought in the Manassas Campaign in the Eastern Theatre of Civil War in America.

Likewise, there was another very important campaign which was named as Jackson’s Valley Campaign which was considered one of the famous campaign in the early 1860’s. During the Civil War, it was the major period in which the Confederates prevented the Union Army for reinforcing the control of the Unionists against the Richmond as thousands of men participating in the battles of the Union Army were engaged by the Confederates.

Furthermore, there was another campaign which was known as Peninsula Campaign. It was the huge campaign which was turned against the army of the Confederates. The commander who was appointed to lead this campaign was known as Major General Gorge B. McClellan. During the Civil War, it was one of those campaigns in the Eastern Theatre which was launched in the Southeastern part of Virginia and was considered a major campaign lead by the Union
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It was the battle which lead to the Chancellorsville Campaign. Likewise, there were other campaigns which were said to be significant campaign which was known as Gettysburg Campaign. In this battle the Generals of both the sides i.e. the Union and the Confederacy, fought after the operations in the Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Similarly, there was the Campaign of Bristoe which was comprised of several minor battles during the Civil War period in the America. The Major General of the Union Army George G. Meade tried to defeat the Army of the Confederates which in an unsuccessful way which lead to the defeat of the Union Army and the Army of Northern Virginia leaded by Robert E. Lee won the battle. Moreover, there were other campaigns such as the Mine Run Campaign which was not a major campaign but still it played a major role in the Eastern Theatre.

Furthermore, there was Overland Campaign which was also known as Wilderness Campaign that was leaded by Ulysses S. Grant who was the general-in-chief of the armies of the Union. Likewise, there was Richmond–Petersburg Campaign which was also known as Siege of Petersburg. This campaign was a trench warfare of nine months after which the trench lines were created by Lt. General Ulysses S.

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