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We have always heard the saying "the right mind in the healthy body", and the first steps to obtain a healthy body is to eat balanced food, which helps the individual to perform the tasks of his day vigorously and activity. The idea of trying to get that right balance on a daily basis is a good idea, but we do not need to do it at every meal. In addition, we may find it easier to get the right balance over a longer period, to move a week. Moreover, a healthy eating depends on eating the right amount of food. In addition, above that, a healthy diet is just the way it is apply in the distribution of our food and the price of calories to the daily meals distributed during the day. Provide that the diet is balanced and sound, and commensurate with our needs of energy necessary to the performance of our daily activities, and essential elements as well as minerals and vitamins. A complementary element is the interest in physical activity through the exercise of daily exercise commensurate with our overall health status. In the end, get it all the food for the body by eating the necessary food proper amounts for both of them element. Although, there is no nutritional quality of nutrients, however, some food contains many ingredients, and…show more content…
The breakfast is one of the most important meals to pay attention to, as they ship the body in the morning energy necessary to carry out the tasks actively, it is worth mentioning that the origin of the nutritional value of the breakfast to provide the body quarter of the requirements of food required per day. And helps the physical movement needed by the body to form a better activity and better movement to make it easier his daily life. Acceding to latest stymies shows who ate breakfast regularly tended to eat fewer calories overall during the day. Those men and women who ate breakfast cereal had lower overall fat intake compared to those who ate other breakfast foods. However, breakfast is essential in a diet to regulate daily

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