Food Addiction And Eating Habits

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In this paper, the problem of eating addiction is critically analyzed. The main concern is to reveal the addiction, the behaviors associated with it, the prevalence, costs, financial and emotional consequences of the addiction, the family support and treatment options. This topicality is stipulated by a modern concern of body shape and the desire to follow contemporary trends to be skinny. The object is food addiction and eating habits. The main points of the problem and its possible solutions are described through the example of bulimia eating disorder, which dominant feature is the addiction to food and overeating. The food addiction is an extremely popular phenomenon. It is necessary to emphasize the fact of its powerful effect on the “reward”…show more content…
Consequently, there is an approach that their brain chemistry may force them to the overeating (McMillen, 2011). This is a very tough issue, which leads women to the bulimia. The social features of the female provoke a competitive desire to have an attractive appearance. However, the obesity is a common problem of all genders, but the bulimia is more complex and typical for women. Bulimia nervosa is a periodic or frequent weight fluctuation, with a constant uncontrolled overeating. The cleansing forms such as the vomiting and abuse of laxatives follow it. The main purpose of this cleansing is to get rid of unwanted calories. These methods are unhealthy and unproductive. This type of addiction is commonly spread among female. There are many specific standards of attractive appearance, and every woman wants to have a great look. The prevalence of this disease is extremely high because the basic instinct of hunger is stronger than social aspects influence. The women eat as much as their hunger level demands. They also have the other options, but their brain forces them to eat. After vomiting, the body is completely exhausted and dehydrated. These victims of food addiction spend a lot of money on food that is…show more content…
This habit becomes very strong, and patient may use about fifty laxative pills per day to achieve the desired weight balance. A chronic abuse of these stimulants can cause a melanosis coli. In addition, these patients can have a laxative dependence that can possibly lead to the colon cancer (Bulimia: Medical Complications, 2004, p. 672). Patients suffering from bulimia, have various abnormalities that are reversible with a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. A psychotherapist or a psychiatrist can take a control over the treatment. The doctor can determine a degree of medical complications. A psychiatrist’s help is a key to the treatment of Bulimia Nervosa (Sagar, 2005, p. 4). Some patients may need hospitalization during the occurrence of complications. Others may need outpatient treatment. There are people who may need only an advice and supervision of a doctor. Stabilization of the patient's condition will be the main goal if a person is in life-threatening condition. The primary goal of treatment should be aimed at corporeal and psychological needs. The patient must show internal feelings that led to the
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