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In a modern society, people pay close attention to health and morality issues so they always face the dilemma to choose whether to be vegetarians or not. This problem is the much debated one in that it affects everybody in their daily lives. Here I would explain a few of the most important reasons to support meat consuming life style. The main reason is that eating meat is human nature which also follows the development of human history. Human nature is only part of the important aspects, and another equally significant role of choosing meat-eating lies in the concern of health. Besides, the further reason why I advocate the balanced diet with meat is that meat eating can be regarded
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A good example may be found in the case that a third of vegetarians have admitted to eat meat according to Voucher Codes Pro’s survey (2015) which means meat is a great temptation to people. Under this circumstance, it is obvious that consuming meat is very naturally to human…show more content…
The desire for meat is very originally in human consciousness. Tracing back to primitive society, our ancestors began to hunt at a very initial place. Gathering and hunting is the earliest production way of humans even much earlier than agriculture which shows the desire for meat of human is stronger than for vegetable. In order to get enough protein supplements to become more powerful, eating meat is a quite natural need of humans. It’s meat consuming that promotes the development of human beings. Furthermore, it goes against human nature to stop eating meat, especially to those who regard meat eating is an enjoyable thing. If stopping consuming meat, they might feel under torture which is mentally

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