Essay On Eco Friendly Building Materials

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Eco friendly building material is those provide the appropriate service and lifetime, with the minimal maintenance, while minimizing the decimation the raw of material, the pollution from, and also energy consumption by production and use, and that have the maximum potential for the reuse. The use of the Eco friendly building materials and products are represents one important strategy in the design of a building. In addition, the Eco friendly building materials have benefits to the building users such as improved health and the productivity, in order to change the spatial configurations of the lower costs associated, reduced maintenance costs over the life of the building and so forth. Eco friendly building materials are made from renewable and also…show more content…
Durable: The materials that are more durable or are comparable with the longevity of known conventional products. Indoor air quality with the following criteria includes: Low or non-toxic: Materials that emitting few or no carcinogens, reproductive toxicity, or irritants as demonstrated by an appropriate testing through the manufacturer. Minimal chemical emissions: Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the products which have minimal emissions. Products also have the energy efficiency and maximize resource, while reducing emissions of the chemical. Low- VOC assembly: Materials installed with minimum VOC producing compounds, or no VOC mechanical attachment methods and minimum hazards. Moisture resistant: Products and systems that resist moisture or inhibit the growth of biological contaminants in the buildings. Healthfully maintained: Materials, components, and the systems that simply require only, non-toxic, or method cleaning of the low VOC. Systems or equipment: By identifying indoor air pollutants or improve air quality, these products are to promote healthy indoor air
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