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The organic, eco-friendly life around the world: present and future As the environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, people have started to know the importance to have an organic, eco-friendly life. Eco-friendly has already become a new key word around the world which “literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment” (Holzer, n.d.). Governments, companies and even farmers become to value the importance of organic market. More and more organic food and eco-friendly products are promoted. And this essay is going to talk about the factors that influence the future of this trend, the present situation of this kind of production and the future challenge of organic, eco-friendly productivity. Here are two factors that influence the future of this trend: environmental problems and the concern of health. Above all, environment is a main factor which makes eco-friendly and organic lifestyle becomes more and more popular. There are many environmental issues in the world today. Such problems like global warming, climate change, renewable energy, ocean systems collapse and electronic and nuclear waste are in the list of the top 10 issues. (Peter, 2012). As environmental problems are getting worse and worse, more and more people join the…show more content…
People gradually begin to eat green food, purchase eco-friendly products and live a saving life. Different organizations use their own methods to promote their eco-friendly productivity which gives people a better life and environment. Though we are still facing lots of challenges like problems in industry ,farming and finance, but in other hand these difficulties will not be a problem if we solve them by analyzing the global market, setting more laws and principals and having a healthy, saving life. Therefore, organic, eco-friendly life has a bright and hopeful

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