Essay On Eco Tourism

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Previous researches reveal that myriad of recreational interventions can lead to ecological imbalance and even low level environmental hazards and pollution causing factors have profound effect on the quality of visitor experiences. Measurement indices of sustainable tourism, relationship nexus among tourism elements form a more morally acceptable form of eco- tourism. Remedy for conservation of natural environment emphasizes on education as a means to improve upon environmental behavior and a tool to solve environmental concerns. Therefore, at this juncture it can be said that examining the nexus between education and responsible behavioral change becomes obligation rather than a choice to establish the link between environmental
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It has been an empirical observation that environmental attitudes are positively correlated with knowledge about ecology (Bradley, et al., 1999). Sustainable tourism (more precisely eco- tourism) ensures in meeting a bi-fold objective:
(i) Minimizing the harmful impact of anthropogenic activities on natural environment
(ii) Enhancing the economic viability of the tourism industry
Additionally, it also serves the purpose of conservation of natural resources & culture of the tourism destination so that the upcoming generations may draw mileage out of it. Kals et al. (1999) has been instrumental in providing evidence that the rational basis for an environment friendly behavior is non- existent. He has also enlisted certain nature predictive for the same. These include:
a) Present & past touch points (experiences) with nature
b) Degree of cognitive interest in nature
c) Retaliation to non- stringent environment regulation norms
d) Degree of emotional
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