Essay On Economic Problems Of Bangladesh

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In order to achieve an improvement in economic, it’s has never been easy and always a long hard battle to turn it into achievements. The developments of a country without any economic problems are incredible. Bangladesh is a developing economy growing and striving to become a member of the middle income group. The country’s economy is changing from traditionally agro-based to industry-based entity. There are a few economic problems that faced by Bangladesh in order to achieve an improvement for their country.
The main problem that been faced by Bangladesh is political instability. This problem is one of the never ending problems for Bangladesh. The unpredictability of politics has caused severe problems in economy, education system and poverty reduction. Political conflicts, inefficiency of local administration, taxation fraudulent, corruption at government levels, cartel of business syndicates are preventing Bangladesh from prospering ahead and achieve development like it’s was supposed to have. Political instability has cost Bangladesh a lot. To measure the political instability is difficult, but the World Bank has come up with a composite index of political stability.
There is a strong connection between the crimes and economics. According
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The limited resources should be used to build infrastructure which would create a way for greater economic growth. Problems such as corruption should be eradicated because it has been spread into the branches of all system in Bangladesh and it could be one of the most important barricading factors in the economic development of Bangladesh. However, the opportunity of cheap has attracted a lot of attention from different countries to set up their businesses and to have benefit in the competitive world. An increasing in literacy will be immensely helpful in containing political instability, corruption, and economic

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