Essay On Edgar Allan Poe's Demons Are His Angels

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Poe’s Demons Are His Angels Everyone has experienced heartbreak over losing a loved one at least one in a lifetime. Edgar Allan Poe, however, lost every woman he ever loved throughout his life. From his mother, to a heartbreaking first crush, to his ultimate love, his wife, Edgar Allan Poe lost everyone he ever cared about. Elizabeth, his mother, Helen, his first crush, Francis, his caretaker after his mother’s death, and Virginia, his wife, are all important to the works of Edgar Allan Poe. The symbol of a woman dying takes a primary role in all short stories and poems of Poe. Three out of the four most influential women in his life died of the disease consumption, otherwise known as Tuberculosis. This disease, most common in women, start…show more content…
Impoverished, alcoholic, and depressed, Poe took to his writing to express the deepest emotions that occurred inside of him from these many deaths that he experienced in his life. Every piece of his literary works are encumbered by death and sorrow. In all of Edgar Allan Poe’s works, the most prominent theme is death, because of the experiences he had throughout his miserable life. Elizabeth Poe was not only a beautiful and famous actress, but also Edgar Allan Poe’s birth mother. Elizabeth was the lead in the play “Romeo and Juliet” while Poe was a little boy. Every night, he sat front row and witnessed his mother die on stage and come back to life off. Edgar had to witness Elizabeth’s death many times, until the death was permanent when he was about four years old. Elizabeth’s life was tragically terminated by consumption one night after the play. The death was the earliest incident of losing a loved one who Poe cared deeply about in his life. The angst he felt for the casualty of his mother was put into his poem “To My Mother.” He wrote, the angels in heaven could not find someone “none more so devotional as that of ‘Mother’” (Poe 1). Poe loses his mother at the age of an infant,
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