Essay On Education And Poverty

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As responsible global citizens, we should concern ourselves with the question of whether the poverty and inequality matter. It does. Poverty, defined by Google as “the state of being extremely poor”, is an extremely important problem in the world. Over 1.3 billion people worldwide live on less than 1.25 USD per day, and this number is growing as wars and lack of employment are forcing people into poverty. Poverty is a significant and growing problem worldwide- one that costs the world’s economy hundreds of billions of dollars. In this report, I will be writing on the correlation between education and poverty and how education can help eradicate poverty.
Education and poverty are inversely related. I believe that education is a major factor in affecting poverty levels in the world and can help change our world. Education empowers people and gives people an opportunity for a better life. Illiteracy, defined by Google as “the inability to read and write”, is a worldwide issue, which could be solved by education. Everyone in the world, regardless of their social status, race or gender should benefit from its transformative power. To
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Though I may be a student and may not make a big difference, I have taken a personal response for this issue. Recently, I have went to Chiang Rai in Thailand, where I taught English to Thailand children in schools, which did not provide an English curriculum. By teaching them, they learnt some basic vocabulary which could improve their chances for finding jobs and could even move to other countries to work. In addition, I have joined an activity, Local Link Outreach Project in Hong Kong, which gave me the opportunity to teach English to local schools in Pokfulam and Aberdeen areas, where the quality of English education was not high. Even though they might not be in poverty, a better English lesson could help them communicate with

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