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Introduction Education is a very important role in our lives. Everyone has been being educated since the day they were born. Having a better education can let the person having more knowledge about everything going around him and any problem will face him he can find a solution for it. Success is great thing which anyone want it and no one can success without education. There is various of goodness to have some kind of education. It can make someone more knowledgeable about what he is teaching. Education is not only having some lexicon or summarize for later on it mean to be achiever in order to see a brilliant future in front of the eye. • How can education bring more success? Learning and being educated is the way of being successful because all kind of people no matter where they from or their inheritance it occupy the brain with the information which are given. As much in information given throw education modify visually impaired person to delegate with problems. Edify people around him and let him do his better on the work placement. As it 's known when we talk about success we relate directly to education.…show more content…
Failure and failing marks actually help in motivating students to obtain a better work ethic and lead them to succeed in their academics.failing is the first countermeasure to reach your target. In other hand circumstances can appear up the people who actually not going to productive. Some people think if someone had failed in one of his life part that effect in negative way on him. But that not true cause failure is what make people better. Without failure no one can continue the successful career. We must get the benefit of failing and explore how it could make us better by learning from the smirch. Biased on that it can help us to improve and get a great behavior manner, challenge our self 's and let us try new things with full of
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