Essay On Education In Pakistan

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The overall literacy rate of Pakistan is 46 per cent, which means more than half of the country is illiterate. Since achieving independence in 1947 Pakistan has been a country that has faced many drawbacks economically and politically, nonetheless the most substantial concern this country faces is their lack of education. The media portrays the government having everything under control however the situation of education in Pakistan remains dramatic. Education is the backbone of every nation, and the fate of any country lies upon the education of its people. However, in a country like Pakistan, education is not a basic right of every human being as it should be, which is the foremost reason of educational downfall in Pakistan. Specifically, the problems resulting in low standards of education in Pakistan are gender discrimination, terrorism and poverty throughout the country. Denying these children education is denying them a future and action must be taken.

Gender discrimination represents a significant social obstacle in Pakistan. A major portion of the Pakistani society is not welcoming for girls who want to attend school. Pakistan is the sixth most populated country on earth and ranks as the least gender equitable in the Asia and Pacific region. Cultural
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Gender discrimination, terrorism and poverty are factors that should not be affecting education, and the fact that they do is a violation of multiple Human Rights, such as Article 2,3,5 25 and 26. Every day that goes by millions of children are losing the opportunity to gain knowledge and make a change. How can Pakistan better itself if they don't give their children opportunity? If we understand how important it is for children to have the right to education, it is our civic duty to demand a change. How can we stand by when their future is in our
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